Automatic watch care and maintenance

Owning a great watch is an achievement. Yet, you should take good care of it by learning the proper care and procedures when cleaning it to maintain its robust condition.

Automatic watch care is important for several reasons and is primarily concerned with the common and hassle-free ways to take good care of an automatic timepiece. As a watch enthusiast, there is a need to pay attention to an automatic watch maintenance cost – what exactly are you paying for and just how much should you be paying?

The answers are here. Have a quick read of this guide about some automatic watch maintenance tips for a better, long-lasting automatic timepiece.


This is the basic part. You need to have a common knowledge of the do’s and don’ts when cleaning and maintaining the proper working conditions of the automatic watches for men.

  • Wipe it every night

    This is a simple way to get rid of the dust and other dirt on the watch’s dial, bracelet or strap. Yet, doing this varies if it the watch is water resistant or not.

    If it is a non-water-resistant watch, it is recommended to wipe it with a soft piece of cloth and be mindful not to press the watch’s face too hard to prevent accidental breaks.

    On the other hand, if it is a waterproof timepiece, clean it by preparing a mixture of water and any mild soap, plus a soft piece of cloth or a cleaning brush with soft bristles. Gently clean the watch by brushing its bracelet and other parts. However, make sure that you checked its crown to be in its proper position. Otherwise, the water may seep inside and cause permanent damage to the watch.

    Lastly, dry your watch and keep it in a safe place.

  • Remove your watch before taking a shower

    As practiced by many watch enthusiasts, it is recommended not to wear your watch when taking a shower. Even though you have a water-resistant watch, some wristwatches neither have the capacity to resist air nor to withstand the temperature of hot water.

    Heat causes the gaskets to expand at times, thus it loosens the seals that prevents the water from entering the watch’s interiors. Most of the time, the damages are not obvious until you start to notice fog formations on its dial and/or other malfunctions on its operations.

    That is why ideally, it is better not to wear one unless you want to frequently have it serviced by a watch professional to make sure it is in good shape.

  • Keep it in a box (only when needed)

    Your watch’s box is not only for packaging purposes. It is basically a treasure box where you can keep your timepiece when it is not in use. So, instead of having it sit at the bottom of your cabinet, use it for the purpose it is intended for.

  • Wear it

    Your watch is a daily accessory. It is designed to be worn not kept in a safe. Your automatic wristwatch won’t work well if you are not using it since it relies on the energy it can accumulate as you move through day. Thus, wearing it daily keeps it wound naturally.

If you think about these general tips, everything is doable. You really do not have to spend so much by following the given tips. More likely, you just need to follow them accordingly. However, if you still have doubts, you can always read your watch’s manual for instructions.


Even the vintage things can last long, so why not yours? From the beginning, you should live up believing that your watch will grow old with you. Having that kind of mindset makes you more inclined to doing regular healthy practices to your wristwatch.

An important part of any automatic watch maintenance tips guide is preventive care and maintenance. It is the core reason why most watch enthusiasts end up having the best years with their timepieces.

Here are more awesome watch care tips to prevent your watch from any harm and to maintain it in good condition for years.

  • Keep Your Watch Wound

    A long-lasting watch is a watch that never fails to get wound. If you have an automatic watch, you should keep in mind that wearing it every day is the best way to wind it. Remember that wearing is caring. Your automatic watch needs more time on your wrist than storing it inside a box.

    But what if you forget to wear it and it stops? The best thing to do is to wind it carefully by yourself. You can do this in two ways: turn the crown if it is a self-winding watch, or gently shake and wear the watch for an automatic one.

    If you choose to wind it using the crown, make sure the crown is in the right position and then turn it for 20 or 30 spins. Do not overwind it and take a halt if you feel resistance while turning it to prevent accidentally breaking the mainspring.

    On the other hand, if it is automatic, just like the open heart automatic watch, you can gently shake it a few times with its dial facing up until the hands start moving again. Also, you can wear it directly and move your wrist afterward. After the hands move again, set the time and date accordingly.

  • Never Wound It on Wrist

    Winding your watch while on the wrist is a threat. You should practice winding while it is at rest on your own hand. This is to reduce the tension that may damage the watch.

  • Invest for Best Quality Watch Winder

    Unless you are really busy and have a lot of watches to wind, having a watch winder is not really required. However, if you prefer to have one, then go for it. A watch winder becomes an automatic watch maintenance cost because you must buy it.

    Watch winders may range from $50 to even $3,000 or higher, depending on the brand and number of watches you have. Therefore, it should not shock you to know that certified watch connoisseurs have winders at home.

  • Have Your Watch Serviced by a Professional

    Even the world’s famous watch brands still require their patrons to have their watches checked by a watch expert occasionally. This is to prevent the unwanted proliferation of moisture from the outside that may harm your watch.

    Aside from that, this is one way to know if some of its parts or gears are almost worn out and need to be replaced. This way, it will not affect your watch’s performance.

    Depending on the kind of watch you have and the service you need, the price range may vary. A full automatic watch service these days is not really pricey.

They say that if you love what you are doing, you will never get tired of doing it repeatedly. Taking good care of your watch and maintaining its perfect working conditions are repetitive and delicate. Yet in the end you get to understand the point – an automatic watch, though small as it may seem, is still a machine. It needs care and it needs you.